SmarterNootropics is at SXSW

Hey, Mike here. I am at SXSW interactive and will also be here for the Music portion as well. If any of you readers are attending SXSW or live in Austin and want to meet up, please email me at and we can choose a time and a place to get together. Thanks, Mike Minneman Founder, Smarter Nootropics

CILTEP Stack Review : A Week With CILTEP

ciltep image

What Is the CILTEP Nootropic Stack? CILTEP is an acronym for Chemically Induced Long Term Potentiation. It’s a nootropic stack designed to enhance long term potentiating (LTP) – a cellular mechanism responsible for memory encoding between neurons. LTP works by strengthening connections (synapses) between neurons and underlies synaptic plasticity, thus impacting learning and memory. How Does CILTEP Work? So how can LTP be enhanced by nootropics? The theory behind the CILTEP stack is that by enhancing cyclic adenoside monophosphate (cAMP) we facilitate complex intracellular mechanism that eventually lead to enhanced synapse strength (LTP).  cAMP is enhanced in two ways: Inhibiting
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The Best Racetam? A Comparison Of The Popular Racetams


The racetams are an interesting set of nootropics. While it’s true they do share many common benefits, I’ve found each racetam has its own nuances and traits. I suppose a good analogy would be to compare the racetams to fine wine; while white, rose and red wine are all essentially fermented grapes, each has their own subtle taste differences that make them unique. Each racetam (in my opinion) has strengths and weaknesses that make it more or less suitable as a nootropic for a particular situation. Some are stimulatory, some calmative, some focus enhancing and some more suited to creative
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Another Two Profiles: IDRA-21 and PRL-8-53


We’ve gone and added a new section to the nootropics explorer, titled “lesser known nootropics”. We’re putting anything that’s more of a research compound / less mainstream into this category. The first two added are full write-ups on IDRA-21 and PRL-8-53.

Nootropics and Legality


One of the questions I am asked frequently is about the legality of different Nootropics. I get emails asking “Is X legal in my country?”. I have tried to put together an article about the legality of these compounds, although it mostly applies to the US and UK. Legal Status: I’m most familiar with the US and UK laws. I am not at all familiar with laws outside of those countries. The legal structure in the US and UK tends to deal with scheduled classes of drugs. Scheduled drugs are only legally obtainable with a prescription, and the penalties range
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Two Profiles Added – Bacopa and Picamilon


We’ve added a full bacopa writeup that includes in depth information about mechanisms of action and potential benefits. In short bacopa looks to be a potent memory enhancing herb that produces some anxiolytic effects. We’ve needed a picamilon page for some time. Sadly writing in true depth was near impossible due to the fact that most of the studies conducted were either in Russian or only available online as abstracts. Still, we’ve managed to cover dose, benefits, stack advice, mechanism of action and safety advice for this nootropic. In short, picamilon is a combination of niacin and GABA that crosses
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Designing Your Own Stack – 3 Important Guidelines

One of these has gotta make a genius...right?

This article is intended to help newcomers design their own stacks and avoid some of the common pitfalls associated with stack design. Feel free to comment/discuss this article below, I’ll do my best to reply. 1. Initially, Keep It Simple The temptation for new users to get started with 10 different nootropics on day one is pretty high. All of these different compounds providing benefits, you should just buy them all and take the “shotgun” approach right? Probably not. There are a few reasons why it’s a bad idea to introduce more than a few new compounds at the same
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Alpha GPC Page Updated

The Alpha-GPC page got a serious re-write. It now has absorption, dosage, side effects and mechanisms of action. At the top of a page is a research summary for those that don’t wish to wade through all the clinical research. Leave a two second review (facility at the bottom of the page) if you’ve used this nootropic before, your reports help other users make better decisions!

Which Choline Source Is Best?

Alpha GPC Molecule

Questions? Feel free to leave a comment below! Choline, in some form, is a component of most people’s nootropic stack, and rightly so. Choline is an essential nutrient which is vital for the production of neurotransmitter acetylcholine and is used to form phosphatidylcholine (PC), a building block of cell membranes. While the benefits of ensuring optimal choline intake are usually highlighted across the internet, it’s difficult to find a comparison of the various choline supplements. This article will cover the differences between Alpha GPC, CDP Choline and Choline Bitartrate. Choline Bitartrate and Lecithin Choline bitartrate is an economical / inexpensive
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Smart Drug Smarts Review


When I first heard of Smart Drug Smarts, it was through the Dynamite Circle, which is the membership forum for the Tropical MBA podcast. SDS is run by Jesse Lawler, who is a programmer/smart drug enthusiast. He interviews interesting people for most of his podcast episodes. I listened to a few of his podcasts and determined that he’s great at asking good questions and creating educational listening materials on the topic of cognitive enhancement. I met Jesse in Los Angeles back in November and we chatted about Nootropics, cognitive enhancers, bitcoin, online entrepreneurship, and a number of other interesting topics.
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