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Cephalon Discontinues Olmifon (Adrafinil)

About a month ago, a number of distributors and online retailers of Adrafinil abruptly stopped stocking and selling Adrafinil. There was little information to be had other than the fact that all online retailers stocking Adrafinil were now stocking “SOLD OUT” signs.

I looked into this and contacted a number of retailers. I asked specifically what information they had about the discontinuation. Nubrain responded with a simple email reply of “no more info”. Butch at AwakeBrain wrote back with more information

“Very little info anywhere. Cephalon was bought out and as part of their consolidation stopped production of Olmifon with very little notice. I only found out when I placed my monthly order from my French supplier. Not that it was being discontinued, but that [it] was discontinued. Sorry, that’s all I know.”

The information that Teva Pharmaceuticals acquired Cephalon led me to inquire at both Teva and Cephalon. Unfortunately, nobody at the US branches of either Teva or Cephalon seemed to know what Olmifon was, other than that it was not a drug that they were currently or had ever marketed in the United States.

Breaking out our basic French skills, we found this document posted by France’s FDA equivalent, AFSSAPS. An english translation of the relevant portion of the document reads as follows:

Reassessment of Adrafinil’s benefits and risks

Olmifon ® tablets, 300 mg (adrafinil) by Cephalon laboratories is a drug that has been approved since July 10, 1981. It has been marketed in France since September 19, 1985.
The drug, classified as a non-amphetamine stimulant, is indicated for the treatment of disorders of vigilance, attention, and ideo-motor slowing in the elderly.
In April 2011, Afssaps [Agence française de sécurité sanitaire des produits de santé] informed the MAH [Marketing Authorization Holder] that they were reassessing the benefits / risks of adrafinil and asked Cephalon to provide all data available regarding the security and efficiency of Olmifon.
Examination of the results of clinical studies made by the laboratory can not conclude on the benefit of adrafinil in disorders of arousal and alertness in the elderly.
Furthermore, given the known adverse effects of this drug, the Board of AMM [Cephalon’s Board of Advisors] considers that the benefit / risk ratio of adrafinil is unfavorable and therefore proposes a withdrawal of market authorization.
Cephalon laboratories has informed Afssaps of its decision to stop marketing the drug, which is no longer available in hospital pharmacies as of late September 2011.

In short, the French Government decided to reassess the benefits/risks of Adrafinil and informed Cephalon of their intent. Reviewing clinical studies, the board of AMM decided that they could not conclude that the benefits of Adrafinil outweigh the known adverse effects. The AFSSAPS informed Cephalon of their findings and that they were withdrawing marketing permission of Adrafinil. Cephalon announced their intent to stop marketing the drug, and has discontinued production and marketing of Olmifon in September 2011.

So that’s it, bad news for any of you interested in purchasing Cephalon-brand Adrafinil. However one of our nootropics suppliers (PeakNootropics) retails pure adrafinil powder.

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  1. Jose Antunes   •  

    this people are stupid bloking this produt they want put people in marginal drugs.They did the same with prolintane; ocident are loosing they are fhigting with the cience.They don´t want that the brains of the people come with better perfomence.We are in the medieval age of drugs.

  2. static1   •  

    Hurray! SOMEONE finally got through to the answer. I called Teva and Cephalon in the US numerous times and each time they acted dumbfounded. I do beleive that TEVA will be the first to come out with a PROVIGIL GENERIC. I inquired and the rep started rustling papers, got all tongue tied and finally ended call by saying ” I have no information on that, that I can relay to you. Goodbye. HMMMMMMmmmmm….

  3. French   •  

    Cephalon has not done clinical studies on the use of Olmifon in the case of vigilance disorders in young people so AFSSAPS removed the permission for placing on the market. Because the same laboratory markets modafinil (prescribed as a replacement) at a price 13 times higher, what is the benefit to continue the commerciliser Olmifon?

  4. lagelouze   •  

    If you consider following facts:
    – Adrafinil was discovered by french firm
    – Really few existing data are public (I suspect a bigger cohorte, but classified as it was used in the first gulf war for french helicopter pilots) and few scientist did believe it worked before Modafinil arrived (then Modafinil took over).
    – It was known to be Modafinil pro-drug by only restricted number of persons explaining the following paradox: Adrafinil can be prescribed by any doctor in France, but Modafinil is a really controlled prescription in this country.
    – We do had to face a big scandal recently with Mediator in France, highlighting our “strange” drug policy

    So, in my point of view, the reason of adrafinil discontinuation is clearly linked to the poor income it gave to the company (5 euros for 40 tablets, compared with 40 USD if you buy online) versus the above described scientific paradoxes of prescription leading to confusion. And confusion in the context of Mediator gate is not safe anough for the firm…
    I really believe it is the only reason.

    I guess it helps

  5. lagelouze   •  

    As wel and to Jose Antunes:
    With all the respect I give you, I believe you could maybe be more moderate in your certitudes. Drugs that touch cognitive fonctions have to be really carefully discussed and I believe we should avoid giving the feeling we advocate for/ or against without reasonnable scientific data.
    As those data are missing with adrafinil, plus some others raise question on long term memory impairment, we should pay attention that what we write doesn’t go in a direction of proselytism. Especially for younger persons having access to buy on line.
    We do not have to wait after pharmaceutical firms to do the work of moderation…

  6. denbenenki   •  

    simple: it was sold before modafinil and continued after as they were set up to produce it. for the next company, they have no sentiment for the product, so they will not waste space and time on it. it cost me $1/each compared to modafinil $5.50 each.

    it is silly for them to blame side effects as it had less side effects than modafinil, that is -1.

  7. Butch   •  

    We now have Noofon brand Adrafinil available on our website for anyone who is looking for Adrafinil. This product as been independently lab tested and results are posted on the site.

  8. Smith   •  

    Adrafinil generally known as Olmifon is a nootropic medication also recognized as one from the type of intelligent tablets for the actual reason that Adrafinil performs upon the mind to improve attention and performance in genera.
    Adrafinil ( is not very well-known in the US (I believe it is marketed under the brand-name Olmifon in areas of European countries and Noofon in Russia), there is little to no known healthcare use of Adrafinil.

    • farhood   •  

      what difference, if any, do you see between adrafinil and modafinil, being that adrafinil is a modafinil pro-drug?

      • Smith   •  

        Adrafinil has more partial effects (either it is a pro-drug), and is more complicated on the liver organ which is why everyday utilization is a nono.

  9. BenBrandenburg   •  


  10. HirmlockeClaire   •  

    Why on earth didn’t you list prolintane yet?!? Prolintane is one of the best stimulant nootropics out there and has no withdrawal effects, yet you still don’t list prolintane. Yet somehow adderall is on the list? What’s this?! Where’s the prolintane writeup? Prolintane is legal and available online. You can get prolintane from newmind. Prolintane is becoming more popular because of it’s very good safety profile, lack of withdrawal effects, and it’s nootropic-like qualities. Please do a prolintane write up. Oh, for the love of nootropics, add prolintane to the list!

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