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Using Nootropics To Study

Final Exam week. Eighteen page research paper. It’s Friday, and everything starts on Monday. You’ve got two days to study all of the material that’s been covered in all of your classes for the last six months. One of your friends offers you some of his Adderall, do you take it?

Adderall and Ritalin are everywhere on college campuses. People take it to give themselves an edge in studying. These are high-powered stimulant drugs. Adderall is chemically very similar to Methamphetamine (simply the addition of a methyl group). Jack Kerouac wrote “On The Road” in two weeks while taking Benzedrine, which is a mixture of amphetamine salts, and the same thing as Adderall. Unfortunately these drugs can have long-term negative effects like high blood pressure, as well as short-term side effects like headache, constipation, dehydration, comedowns, and insomnia. Many students suffer from burnout and other negative side effects as a result of adderall abuse. Help for Adderall abuse is available at treatment centers. However, this sort of treatment is for students who are already using. Is there perhaps a better alternative to Adderall and Ritalin to prevent people from getting to that point?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have the positive learning benefits and focus that Adderall or Ritalin deliver without most of the side-effects? Wouldn’t it also be wonderful if you could have those benefits daily without wearing yourself out? Enter Nootropics, a loosely-connected family of drugs and supplements that help you maintain peak mental performance and drive. Nootropics come in many different shapes and sizes. Many people take Fish Oil for its Omega-3 Fatty Acids or B-Vitamins for its mind-sharpening effects. Also, almost everyone drinks caffeine in some form or another – coffee, energy drinks, tea.

Nootropics are drugs that are categorized by their effects. They all have to improve subjective and objective cognitive performance. Some, like caffeine, do this through a stimulant action. Others, like Lion’s Mane stimulate the growth of nerve cells in your brain. The ideal nootropic is one that helps you focus, increase your retention, and increase the accuracy of your decision-making and recall, without any negative short or long-term side-effects.

Where do I start? Well, you can start by checking out the Newbie’s Guide, or you can start very simply with a very simple stack. If you’re already taking Caffeine, order an L-Theanine supplement. This is a natural extract of Green Tea, and works synergistically with Caffeine to increase memory, recall, and performance. L-Theanine also helps to reduce some of the more negative side-effects of caffeine such as the jitters. Once you’ve tried L-Theanine with your Caffeine, I would suggest researching other Nootropics and finding out which ones work best for you.

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    Nootropics work!!! They can be used individually, but I find it works best in a nootropic stack. There are products now that are using Piracetam (the leading noortopic) based stacks as cognitive enhancers. Products like PROFIDERALL have so popular that they are being called Adderall Alternatives.

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