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CerebralHealth Passes FDA Inspection

Good news for anyone interested in ordering nootropics. One of the major Nootropics distributors, CerebralHealth, recently passed their FDA inspection with flying colors.

I previously reported about CerebralHealth, when they had some regulatory issues with the FDA. I received a comment this morning that turned into a short e-mail conversation with Douglas Phillips (Director of R&D at Cerebral Health), where he informed me that CH recently went through their second FDA inspection with zero violations.

So, this is good news. It’s hard enough finding good providers of Nootropics, and the regulatory pressures that they are under are massive. It’s a difficult field to compete in without breaking any rules, and many other companies have folded in the past under similar pressures.


UPDATE: Cerebral Health is not to be trusted. Although they passed the second round of FDA testing when this article was written, they have shipped incorrectly labelled product and sent a few customers to the emergency room. See the following for details:


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    • Lexa   •  

      We are working to pass letgalsiion that would lower prescription drug prices for all consumers, not only in California.Congress should do something about the rising cost of prescription drugs in this country. Unfortunately, letgalsiion that would allow Congress to negotiate with drug companies for lower drug prices for Medicare’s prescription drug plan (Part D) has not even been heard in committee.This lack of action has caused some states, like California to step in where Congress has dropped the ball. If more and more states follow what California has just done Congress may then be forced to act.

      • farhood   •  

        Good efforts. Hopefully something can be done about the cost of pharmaceuticals here in the United States. It is horrible that our neighbors Canada and Mexico can offer their citizens a lot of the same pharmaceuticals at a fraction of the cost. I, personally, don’t know too much about it but I wonder if a lot of the countries gain benefit from having a drug pass clinical trials in the USA by allowing such drugs to instantly be available in their countries, making initial costs for such drugs drastically cheaper?

  2. neuromancer   •  

    Bought 1 kg of “piracetam” powder from Cerebral Health, bag was mislabeled as “100 g”, contains something fishy-smelling, not piracetam. There e-mailbox is apparently “full”, not accepting emails from customers. I did not get a receipt from Google checkout…email and tracking # straight from company, “whatever it is” took weeks to arrive. I will avoid doing business with this company. They should be shut down by the government ASAP.

  3. Jonathan   •  

    Neuromancer. You should post a comment within the brainmeta forum if you are having trouble reaching them via email. I know they do check this forum all the time for user feedback. Also have you tried calling? I have heard that once you do establish contact, obtaining a refund will be uncontended/no questions asked.
    From what I remember from the smell of the bulk piracetam powder, it does have a very pungent aroma that can be mistaken for a fishy smell/taste (almost like a choline but even more bitter). Mislabeling for weight does happen on occasion unfortunately but I know that cerebral health does a LOT of business and has trouble keeping up with traffic. Hope this helps.

  4. John Holloway   •  

    I just recently made a purchase for Acetyl-L-Carnitine, NAC, Lions Mane, CDP Choline, Rosemary Leaf, Ashwaganda and Alpha Lipoic Acid. No complaints whatsoever, everything seemed to be in order from appearance to effects.

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