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Doxiderol Review

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When Roger Gelfand, CEO of Mentis Labs first contacted me about their Nootropic product Doxiderol, I was very interested and flattered. It was some exciting proof that is starting to reach a good audience, and that we’re beginning to establish ourselves as a authoritative voice on the Nootropics field. Roger and I talked, and he asked if I wouldn’t mind taking a look at the ingredients in Doxiderol, and he even sent over some samples for me to try out myself. Let’s cover the ingredients and review some of the science behind Doxiderol, before I give you my personal reaction from taking it.

Doxiderol Ingredients At A Glance
-Acetyl L Carnitine

We’ve looked at research on L-Theanine in the past. It’s proven to be effective in reducing stress, increasing cognition, and working synergistically with caffeine.
Studies on this ingredient say: Yes, there is positive evidence for this working.

We’ve strongly recommended using CDP-Choline with Piracetam in the past, but how does it work in this stack without Piracetam present? A cursory review of the literature seem to indicate that CDP-Choline is an active stimulant, supplements Choline to the brain, increases dopamine receptor density, and may help improve mild memory impairment.
Is there clinical trial-based research that would indicate that CDP-Choline would be effective in aiding cognition in this stack: Yes, there is strong evidence.

Caffeine is probably the most well-known of any of these ingredients. I feel it’s almost unnecessary to cover caffeine. Caffeine is an effective stimulant. It also has proven synergy with L-Theanine as mentioned above. The main danger in the usage of Caffeine is the creation of tolerance and dependence.
Is Caffeine effective here: Yes, although there is a danger of tolerance and dependence to Caffeine.

Vinpocetine doesn’t have a particularly long history of usage, nor does it have a lot of professional clinical trials that conclusively prove that Vinpocetine is good for you. It is a proven vasodilator, and there are studies which seem to indicate that it can be useful in cognition, but a number of these studies have had their validity questioned. As a vasodilator, it could be potentially dangerous for an individual with existing heart conditions to take in addition to caffeine, although there are no reported deaths or adverse reactions that I am aware of.
Is Vinpocetine proven effective here: Inconclusive – not enough evidence.

Bacopa has been proven in a number of studies to aid memory retention and even reverse some forms of amnesia. It has strong positive evidence to indicate that it is a memory enhancer. It also has shown reversible changes in spermatogenesis in mice, although this has not been proven in humans.
Is Bacopa effective: It definitely helps improve memory retention.

ALCAR has been shown to cross the blood-brain barrier and to work as a powerful antioxidant. It’s also been shown to have neuroprotective effects and increase sperm motility.
Is Acetyl-L-Carnitine Effective: Yes

Anecdotal Evidence
The bottle that I received from Mentis has accompanied me for the past month. I’ve been taking it daily without any other nootropics in order to evaluate its efficacy for me. It’s definitely more effective than just caffeine in helping me increase focus, sit down, and get things done. I’m writing this review with the last dosage that was in the bottle. I definitely feel more energized and able to get things done, although as any scientist knows, witness reports are notoriously unreliable, and I must admit that I have not tested myself on dual-n-back or any specifically measurable tests of cognitive ability.

I’d like to congratulate Mentis on creating a nootropic blend that is almost entirely based on good strong science. Since it is being sold specifically as a health supplement, they are unable to put in anything like modafinil, piracetam, or anything that does not specifically fall under the DSHEA. That being said, they’ve found a number of ingredients that have reputable clinical trials behind them. The only ingredient on the list that I’m not certain about is the Vinpocetine, due to the lack of true studies.
Mentis has offered us a commission for every bottle of doxiderol purchased through our link. I have done my best to provide this review objectively based on the currently available research on a per-ingredient basis and done my best to avoid the obvious conflict of interest and provide only proven information. So if you’re interested in purchasing Doxiderol and helping SmarterNootropics at the same time, feel free to use this link:

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