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Fish Oil may boost short-term memory in young adults

I read the following in my local newspaper this morning. (The Morning Call). Since I cannot find the article online, I’m reposting it here.
Health News
Study: Fish oil can aid memory recall-An omega-3 fatty acid found in fish oil may boost 
short-term memory in young adults, a small study shows.
An omega-3 fatty acid plentiful in fish oil boots the ability of healthy young adults, 
whose brains are already at their peak levels of speed and performance, to hold several 
items in memory for a short time, a small study has found.
The latest research add to evidence of fish oil's beneficial neuropsychiatric effects: 
Supplementation with the docosahexaenoic acid in fish oil has been shown to improve the 
effectiveness of antidepressants, to improve focus in those with an attention deficit, 
to delay the development of psychosis in those at risk of schizophrenia and to help 
shore up declining memory in healthy older adults.
In the study, published Tuesday in the journal Public Library of Science, 11 healthy 
caucasian adults at an average age of 22 underwent a six-month supplementation of 
their diet with fish oil.
The University of Pittsburgh researchers measured before and after levels of omega-3 
acids in the red-blood-cell membranes of subjects and put them through a battery of 
tests to gauge the strength of their short-term memory.  After six months of fish oil, 
the subjects did 23 percent better on a key challenge to working memory: the ability 
to recall, given a list of several items, which one was mentioned three items back.

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