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Issues with Forum Fixed

I need to apologize. I launched a forum on the site around the end of September and it quickly became overrun with spambots. I attempted a few different ways of combatting them and they did not work.

We also had a pretty major server crash which corrupted some od the database tables associated with the forum. I received an email this morning from a reader named David about the forum not working.

I spent a few hours today working on the forum and I believe I have just about everything fixed and working again along with a new captcha system – nucaptcha.

So if youre feeling adventurous, theres not a ton of posts there yet but theres a good intro thread. If youd like to ask me anything personally the best places are to post on the forum, as I will be watching it, or using the contact form on the website.

Thanks for all of your patience as we go through these growing pains and make the site better!

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