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Smarter Nootropics Mentioned By Rolling Stone Australia Writer

I was looking through the traffic statistics for SmarterNootropics the other day when I noticed a large number of users coming from

When I took a look at the website, the reason became immediately clear – Andrew McMillen is a freelance journalist who did a piece on Nootropics for Rolling Stone Australia, and at the bottom of his post on his site he included the following: “To read more on nootropics, I recommend that you continue your research at Smarter Nootropics. Good luck!”

I read Andrew’s article, which is pretty good for mainstream coverage of Nootropics, talked with him over email and gave him my feedback on the article and thanked him for the link.


So, I’d like to say a bit “Thank You!” to Andrew for taking the time to write about Nootropics and helping bring it a little more mainstream. I’d like to welcome anyone who found this website from Andrew’s link and encourage you to take your time and look around the site. I’d also like to encourage any regular Smarter Nootropics readers who haven’t yet read Andrew’s article but are interested here:


  1. Jase Holley   •  

    I was introduced to the world of Nootropics via Andrew article & just recently started with Aniracetam & Modafinil as suggested in the article.
    There is a lot of info to try to sift through in cyberland, however your site is brilliant & obviously why Andrew chose to reference you as an introduction..

    • farhood   •  

      Thank you very much for your kind words Jase, We promise to try to make this site better. That is great that you are interested in this world, I hope that your selection works out for you and as always feel free to join the forum and ask us any questions you may have.

  2. Bamboo   •  

    Do you know if we can purchase modafinil in australia? Or if it is legal to import the drugs nootropics mentioned here?.

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