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Happy NYE: from smarternootropics.

I hope you all have a great New Years, 2013!! Since we are all still around, which I suppose means that the Mayans were wrong, lets try to help each other make this year full of cognitive surplus.

This post will be left for open discussion.

Happy Holidays,



  1. Dan   •  

    So I tried the Phenibut and have been doing s once or twice per week for probably the last 2 months. Game changer! I have 300mg before I go to sleep wake up feeling energised even after a big night. It’s a massive help on Monday mornings. The reviews on it in certain forums are nasty though! Which is good coz at least I know it can go sour pretty quick. Seriously though, thanks for the tip!

    • mike   •  

      Of course Dan! Please take good care of yourself!

  2. Dan   •  

    oooh sorry. Meant to post the above in the hangover nootropics post. FYI

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