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tDCS: Zap your mind into flow state.

When we first heard of this new gizmo that will mess with your brain, we weren’t too impressed… When we learned that it will mess your brain into a state where you can learn 2.5X more effectively, our attention was piqued. What’s this you say a nootropic that can be had using batteries? We had to explore further.

Turns out, there is a technology called transcranial direct-current stimulation (tDCS), brought to you by the makers of the internet, that a couple of entrepreneurs decided to replicate for the retail market. Traditionally, units are far more expensive and would remain out of reach for the civilian, which is an issue this company hopes to solve, even though an official price hasn’t been posted yet.

Apparently, the US military has used tDCS to train snipers and drone pilots and have recorded 2.5x increases in learning states. If something with these effects was legitimate, one could easily see why the military would want to explore it to the fullest extent, which is a reality that, albeit bittersweet, is something that we can take advantage of from time to time.

The website can be found here. As for us, we are going to be following this development and hope that it brings us one step closer to a planet of geniuses.

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