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Advertising (What’s With The Banners)


Smarter Nootropics has been discussing whether or not to include or promote banners on the website. We’ve done a lot of research into it, and it’s been on our radar. I want to be entirely transparent with the community and readership (you) about what goes on here at Smarter Nootropics. I have no wish to push things down anyone’s throat, or attempt to deceive them for money.

Here’s the pro and con list we put together regarding this decision:


  • Putting banners on the site could potentially make us look less professional
  • It could cause us to look like corporate shills
  • It could cause our readership to lose some faith


  • It would provide revenue to invest in more articles
  • It would provide money to build new functionality (reviews, human trials, etc)
  • It would help pay for hosting and servers


We have had links to different nootropics on the sidebar in the past. These were intended to generate some revenue for us to defray hosting costs, although it did not make much money. They were also intended to help people find suppliers for these chemicals with an easy click. Ideally the thought was that it would be a win-win. However, since we put up Amazon links about a year ago, Amazon has pulled a number of nootropics off their listings, and are not allowing them for sale. There has been crackdown on most of the racetams, as well as quite a few other supplements. We have been looking for other suppliers and partners to work with. We wanted to make sure that these new partners and links are only to high-quality products that we believe in and also to high-quality, reputable vendors. I have spent the past few months talking with different companies and deciding amount companies and products to support. In the end, we decided to work with the following people:


Alpha Brain

Everyone visiting the site will see in the sidebar an Alpha Brain banner that has replaced the box that used to have the Amazon information. At first Alpha Brain had ingredients like GABA that really did nothing in terms of nootropic benefits, because GABA does not cross the blood-brain barrier. I also was a little bit concerned promoting Joe Rogan’s company, because I didn’t necessarily think that he really knew what he was doing. However, they have reformulated Alpha Brain, and it has been gaining market traction. Not only that, but it’s been introducing the concept of Nootropics to people who previously would not have been aware of them. Personally, I feel that the ingredients list in Alpha Brain is all very legitimate. The cost of the pills may be a little bit pricey, however. It also does not contain any Racetams, which are one of the cornerstones of Nootropics, but they cannot do that legally, so it’s really a well-done job.

For those of you in Europe, you’ll be seeing a banner at the top for smart nootropics. Smart Nootropics is a company run out of Manchester in the UK. I have become friends with the owner of the company through our mutual love of Nootropics. We sit up late at night on Skype discussing laws, regulations, new nootropic products, what’s currently being banned or allowed, etc. I’ve decided to promote his website for European Union customers because I know that he genuinely cares about his product and has a deep-down passion for Nootropics.


What do you think?

I’m definitely interested in getting your feedback, since these changes affect your user experience. I’d love to hear your opinions about the banners, advertising, company and product selection. Please let me know how you feel in the comments, or by emailing me at info[at]

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    We would be interested in working with you 😉

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