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Bromantane (Ladasten) From

I was reading about Bromantane recently and it sounded like an interesting drug. It is purported to have stimulant qualities as well as anxiolytic qualities. It’s available primarily in Russia. According to Wikipedia, it has low abuse potential and an absence of addictive qualities. Reports on Longecity seem to indicate mild to moderate success.

I ordered some from, whose site isn’t modern or sleek but was the only one selling it. It was also very expensive ($65 for 25 tablets), but these are pharmaceutical grade products from Russia.

Shipping was quick. The bromantane arrived within 3 days of me placing my order. It appears they ship from Pennsylvania.

Top of package showing pills:


Back of package showing labelling:


So it appears to be legitimate. Shipping was quick.

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  1. Valentina   •  

    You can order Ladastenfrom on EBay, it will be much cheaper. The pills you have are real Ladasten made in Russia.


  2. Neil   •  

    what did you notice when you took the pills (ladasten)?

    • mike   •     Author

      I noticed a lasting stimulation. It wasn’t huge, in fact it was fairly subtle. It was good though.

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