Build Your Nootropic Stack. Shipping Is On Us. Free Sample Review (Fapiram)

In late March, a user on reddit called SophieK7 posted a link to /r/nootropics titled 100 Free Piracetam Tablets for Redditors at

The website, seems to have been set up very recently and that this is a new company. I put in my order for the tablets to see what the deal was. Almost a month later my box has arrived. Interesting pieces to note:

  1. The customs declaration was… creative. I won’t post it here.
  2. It shipped from Delhi, India, and took about 3 weeks
  3. Fapiram is not a product that seems to show up in any google search
  4. The Fabino website is entirely made up of dead links

With those two things said, the sample was free and appears to be either of good quality or a very detailed fake. If it’s a fake, someone went through a lot of effort, so I’m inclined to believe it’s legitimate, although without actual chemical analysis (I do not have the tools on hand) I cannot definitively say one or the other.

Fapiram-800 tables, top of box:


Front of box – Piracetam Tablets 800mg. Fapiram-800 Tablets. Fabino:


Side of the box with ingredients:


Reverse side of box with batch #s, Mfg dates, etc.


Top of box with capsules:


Tablets in blister pack:


Back of blister pack:


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