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How Come Nootropics Take Time To Work in Some People?

Kal from sends in this guest report:

It is an odd scenario. Your friend had ordered some piracetam and upon trying it, claimed it gave him a great cognitive boost. He said that within an hour, he had felt the effects of stronger sensory perception, and enhanced mental capacity. After learning this, you decide you want to try piracetam and order from the same source as your friend. After taking it for several days of taking piracetam you feel no effects and decide to give up. This is a common problem and this article is intended to answer some questions for the group on people not experiencing a piracetam benefit.

So why does this happen? While we cannot explain the exact pharmacological reason, we can compare the situation to other drugs and supplements. Our body’s chemistries are different and therefore how we metabolise, absorb, tolerate and experience substances will differ greatly.

You could perhaps compare the situation to marijuana. You have two people who have never tried marijuana. One person has one drag and almost instantly feels “high” whereas, the other may smoke the whole thing and experience next to nothing. In this situation, tolerance and experience do not play a role and it completely depends on the physiological aspects of the person. The interesting aspect of this situation is that the guy that experiences no “high” may have a completely different experience next time he decides to try it again.

Just because a racetam like piracetam does not work instantly, does not mean it will not work. Racetam nootropics have long been known to have cumulative effects in most people. This means that effects will usually build up with longer term, consistent dosing. To experience the full benefits of cumulative effects usually 2 weeks to a month of dosing is needed. Some of the stronger racetams will take considerably less time to build up in your system due to their potency. Also, some racetam users will use an “attack dose” to reduce this waiting time.

Piracetam – 7 day vs. 14 day study

Here is a perfect example of a study that shows the cumulative effects of piracetam. The link to this study can be found here. Basically, this study shows that even after 7 days of consistent treatment with piracetam, significant cognitive benefits were not found. After, 17 days there was significant improvement in cognitive function.

This study is very important because it shows us a whole group rather than an individual experience that is probably biased. The tests that they put the subjects through related to both learning and memory. Sure, there are probably people in the group that did experience significant cognitive benefits right away however the group as a whole saw the best improvements after 14 days.

14 days may feel like a long time especially to those who are impatient to feel cognitive results. One must have patience with nootropics and not expect to experience too much too soon. Much like an SSRI anti-depressant, nootropics may need time to affect the brain to experience full benefits. Be patient and give you nootropic or nootropic stack time to work into your system.

You can learn more about nootropics at the peaknootropics website. You may also want to read this blog article more information on this topic.

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