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Nootropics Experience Reports

We’re all trying to get the most accurate information about nootropics. The primary and best information about nootropics is clearly off of published medical studies like pubmed. However there’s a lot of personal and anecdotal research done by people in this subreddit and community, and although it’s clearly much less rigorous than a peer-reviewed clinical study, sometimes its the only information we have on newer substances, etc.

One of the things I always really enjoyed about erowid was the experience reports section for different compounds. I’ve added a section to all Nootropics pages for anecdotal/experience reports on SN. I’d love to have your help in getting your feedback and personal experiences to attempt to build up this database, as I think it can be a very good resource to see what commonly works, what commonly doesn’t, etc.

So, to help out, please visit the main Noots page ( and then choose the noots you have experience with, click on that page, then scroll down to just above the comments and you’ll see a section that says “Experience Reports” and submit your report.

Please feel free to leave me feedback about what you like/don’t like, or if you think this is a terrible idea for some reason feel free to critique in the comments below.

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