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Zoned Review: A New Energy Supplement


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Zoned is a 755mg blend of 5 different Nootropic substances; Zoned consists of 100mg of Caffeine and 655mg of a blend of Sulbutiamine, Choline, Schizandrol A, and Hordenine.  It is recommended that most people take 1 pill daily, or 2 pills for those who are over 200 lbs or have high stimulant tolerance.

–          Sulbutiamine is a derivative of Vitamin B1 that is more readily able to cross the Blood Brain Barrier which leads to greater levels of thiamine in the brain.  Oral administration of Sulbutiamine has been shown to have positive effects on energy, memory, and ED.

–          Choline is a substance that is readily available in many food items such as fish and eggs, but studies have shown supplementation of certain forms of choline can be beneficial for memory

–          Schizandrol-A is an adaptogen that has been shown to increase physical endurance, as well as improving blood flow and circulation, and reduced stress

–          Hordenine is an extract from Barley that falls under the classification of Phenethylamine; there is some evidence that Hordenine may act as a fat burner and energy supplement

Subjective Experience

Being a larger person (7’ tall, 220lbs) and having just gone cold-turkey off Caffeine (I was consuming ~1100mg/day in the form of coffee) I decided to start taking Zoned at 2 pills per day.  What I found with Zoned was dosing around 2pm was the perfect timing; it got me through the afternoon slump at work and allowed me to continue being the ‘nightowl’ that I am without any negative effects on my ability to fall asleep.  Over the few weeks that I took it daily, I did not notice any negative side effects from it, nor did it negatively interact with my usual stack.

Final Thoughts

The only flag I would throw out against Zoned is they don’t list the exact amount of each ingredient, however they do give enough info to feel safe they aren’t skimping on any of the ingredients.  That being said, my final verdict on Zoned is it’s a worthwhile product; it contains quality ingredients and is focused on a few worthwhile supplements instead of taking the “dart throw” approach that most take.  It gives good energy and eliminates fatigue with very few, if any, side effects, and I was very contented with my experience taking it over the course of 2 weeks.

Full Disclosure: This is an unpaid review and the author is not receiving any direct monetary or other gain from the makers of Zoned and has attempted to make this review as unbiased as possible.


  1. katie   •  

    I orderd the ZONE supplement two weeks ago from amazon. They sent me an e-mail saying that they refund my money, I don’t know why my money was refund and why they didn’t mail me my supplement.

  2. Annie   •  

    I wonder if it would have any adverse effects for someone who is sensitive to barley.
    Until I got to that ingredient I was thinking of trying it.

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