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Focus Boost Review

Focus Boost Capsules


We were recently contacted by the makers of Focus Boost about their new product. We do not have an advertising or affiliate relationship with the Focus Boost product. They sent us a couple of bottles for us to review, and I decided that instead of the typical ingredients-based reviews that we normally do, I would send a bottle to a college student who tried it out in a study environment and got back to us with a review. Please note that this review does not necessarily reflect Smarter Nootropics’ view on Focus Boost as we have not yet evaluated its ingredients, but here is the review that was submitted to us by Adam Woolhether, a student at California State University:

“Focus Boost is a pre-mixed nootropic stack containing Acetyl-L-Carnatine, Caffeine, Citicoline, Bacopa, L-Theanine, Vinpocetine, as well as Vitamins B12 and B5. The website claims that these products combined will promote energy, memory, ability to focus, and enhance mental activity overall. I am a skeptic by nature, and especially so when ingesting a product that claims to provide such beneficial effects on my mental activities. Before anyone ingests any new herb, substance, or compound, believe it is wise for them to do some research to better understand what is being put into their body. A few hours were spent poking around my university’s article databases and pub med. Overwhelming amounts of studies testifying as to the neuro-protective and cognitive enhancing abilities of bacopa, vinpocetine, citicoline and acetyl-l-carnatine were found. I am already familiar with and can personally vouch for the syngerstic properties of caffeine and L-Theanine. 

After satisfying the skeptic within, I decide to test Focus Boost out firsthand. I believe in testing a product multiple times in different settings in order to offer a well-rounded review of its effects, so this review covers three different instances of using Focus Boost, all of which were favorable.

Just a little background information to understand where I’m coming from:I am currently enrolled in university taking 20 units, working 7 hours a week, and spend roughly 10 hours a week in the gym. I don’t stress easily, but I am constantly busy and struggling to keep up with everything assigned to me. I am also learning a new language, and while I enjoy this over most of my schoolwork, it is often difficult to engage myself completely in studying Mandarin with the endless workload from other classes in the back of my mind.

After taking two capsules, the effects became noticeable in about 30 minutes. What I enjoyed most about Focus Boost is it truly increased my ability to focus, and eliminated the underlying desire to procrastinate or engage in other time wasting activities that so commonly plague college students of this generation.

Even non-student professionals know exactly what I’m talking about: Facebook, reddit, soundcloud, iTunes, etc… All of these things severely impair my scholastic and productive abilities. I am currently familiar with roughly 120 Chinese characters, and usually do repetition on ten characters at a time before succumbing to giving myself a break on the internet. While conducting this trial with Focus Boost, I went through every single character I knew without any of these distractions engaging my interest. That is not to say that they did not cross my mind, but it was no issue to continue with my study, which I was enjoying very much. With caffeine alone, I am motivated to do work, but become scatterbrained and attempt to multitask. Recall of recently learned characters flowed much smoother, and fewer glances at my cheat-sheet were needed. Overall, practicing every character took about three hours, and after another hour of pronunciation, I started to feel the effects wane and decided to go to the gym. No horrible crash or slow down feeling as with caffeine alone.

There is also definite increased sociability potential with Focus Boost. I am currently interning at a field representation office for a local government employee. Without going into too much detail, I will say that there are only 435 of these individuals in the nation. I was feeling particularly tired on this day, so I decided to see how Focus Boost affects my performance in this setting. I would not say my work there is extremely important, but I do act as a voice for this person. I take calls from local community members, respond to emails and letters, and draft somewhat prestigious letters for those who have achieved some form of accomplishment in life. It is somewhat ironic that I work there, as I hold strong countercultural beliefs and have a history of protest regarding the actions of my government.

Needless to say, I often have difficulty connecting with other members of the office, and I am usually somewhat reserved. This time, however, I had my colleagues laughing and conversation flowed much easier. I became less focused on my own opinion of the conversational subject matter (which frequently results in me not saying at all), and found myself inquiring others about why they hold the opinions and beliefs they do.

After writing 3 letters and tackling a brand new assignment, in which I had to draft a grant proposal, it was time to leave. My “boss” commended my work and thanked me for being extremely productive, praise I have never received before.

My third trial with Focus Boost produced equally satisfying results, only under a more distraction filled environment. This time, practicing my Mandarin again at a local coffee shop. First, let me say that while using Focus Boost, you do not need supplement with additional caffeine intake. This was a mistake on my part.

If the smell of coffee entices you to the point of irresistibility, like it does for me, than stay away from coffee while using Focus Boost! The trembling in my hands prevented me from producing quality characters. Even so, the clarity of mind and ability to eliminate distraction from my consciousness was just as pronounced as my first trial, this time it was definitely put to the test. About an hour into my study session, a whole squad of Girls Scouts entered the coffee shop. Under any other circumstance, about twenty 13-year-old girls and a few additional boys squawking while I am trying to study would cause me to either explode, or walk out in anger. In this instance though, I didn’t have any problem tuning them out and continuing with my Mandarin practice. As a bonus, their noisy presence made me more comfortable practicing my Mandarin at a conversational volume in public. Oddly enough, they were there for an hour and a half, and it didn’t faze me at all.

Overall I was very satisfied with focus boost. It claims to promote energy, but it is a nervous, overly-excited-for-no-reason type of energy. The increased ability to direct my attention and tune out other distraction was an extremely pleasant surprise, and as I said before, recall of already learned information flowed with greater ease.

Energy? Focus? Memory? Check, check, and check. Focus Boost has definitely found it’s way in my repertoire of scholastic tools.

A few notes:

-I found it best to take Focus Boost immediately before eating a meal low in sugar.

-Unless you have an extremely high tolerance for caffeine, save yourself the money and don’t drink coffee while using focus boost.

-Test Focus Boost in different settings, you will likely find it enhances your mental abilities and behaviors in multiple ways.”

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