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India Pharmaceutical Dropshipping Update

Modafinil Structure

Last week we reported on issues with the FDA visiting and inspecting dropshippers, and shutting down a number of them. These were mostly in the states of Mumbai and New Dehli. It appears that it was related to the Indian FDA minister’s pending retirement and the demands of the Indian FDA for greater regulatory powers similar to the US FDA’s.

There’s also been increasing pressure on dropshippers and medical suppliers who ship to the United States. More customs “Love Letters” have been reported on forums in the past month than have been reported in previous months. This increase in customs orders hit just before there were shutdowns related to Modafinil supply. In the United States as well there was recently a drug raid in which one of the charges was “unlawful possession of Modafinil”, although it does not appear this was the main intention of the raid.

After the major retailers of Modafinil stopped processing or delayed orders, most of them have recovered and reopened. It is unclear at this point whether the dropshippers in India were allowed to reopen, or if the major sellers of Modafinil online have found new sources.

Without further ado, here are updates from the main suppliers: – Shipping again and working on the backlog. They were affected by the shutdown and had to cease operations for about a week. They are up and running again and sending out packages. Special thanks to Sophie and the entire ModUp team for handling this issue quickly and promptly. In my private conversations with ModUp, it was clear that they were hit pretty hard and were all working day and night to fix the supply chain issues related to the Indian raids. – Currently still not shipping to the United States. As reported by a user on reddit,’s response is: “Yes, we have an important update, we currently do not ship to United States due to some issues, we will post an update when we resume shipping.” Hopefully this is temporary.

RxRex – Was affected by the Indian shipping shutdowns, but have made an announcement that shipping is slowly returning to normal. They are processing the backlog and working towards getting everything back and going.

Modafico – While unknown if they’re actually reliable or reputable, they have sent an email to their list stating that shipments have been “delayed due to the FDA”.

MedsForBitcoin – Appears to be shipping again as normal.

So, it looks like things are returning to normal. ModUp, Medsforbitcoin, and RxRex are shipping. MyModafinil’s shipments to the USA and Modafico still appear to be affected as of the time of this writing (2/11/2014).


UPDATE: This is a good read on the FDA issues in India –


  1. Andy   •  

    As commented on other stream – ModUp big blow off. 2 weeks on and nada. First time / waste of time. I’ll take my money and look for someone who can deliver. Web seems to be filled with those who say but can’t do or have the goods but expect to charge crazy prices.

    • Andy   •  

      Well, after a slow start seems that the guys are coming through. Seems that I may have vented my spleen a tad too soon! With humble apologies to Sophie and crew. It appears that the golden rep is deserved.

  2. Terri   •  

    Seems everyone else cleared an starting to ship. Except onemed store im still waiting an think they should have informed buyer of FDA restrictions instead of taking my money an not informing prior to ordering. I could have went elsewhere. Now I at a loss waiting
    still everyone else started shippping. My status of order with OneMed store still says AWAITING SHIPMENT

  3. Natalie   •  

    OneMedStore is shipping again, they have finally shipped my order from 28th Jan.

  4. mills   •  

    Yeah..!!! It’s good to hear that things are coming back to the track. Thanks for those guys who worked to resolve the issue.
    Any new update,post it…!

  5. Jeff   •  

    Hey guys!
    What about Edandmore?
    Their customer care and service is constant and so far two of my online orders arrived quickly.

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