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Indian Pharmaceutical Dropshippers Shutting Down

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This is an evolving situation. Please see updates here:

A couple of days ago I was approached by a source involved in the supplement/nootropics trade asking what I knew about customs love letters in the US, and if I’d heard of anyone recently on the forums receiving any. The supplier stated that they had received seven customers reporting love letters all on the same day.

A couple days later the same source told me that they had received emails from three of their suppliers in India, to the effect that the “FDA is on the ground” and that they’re working with the USPS and the local Indian authorities to shut down pharmaceutical dropshipping.

I then received this email forwarded to me this morning [Posted with some redactions to protect the source]:

The FDA are inspecting all dropshippers in India. This is going to be a huge problem. For now nobody is doing any shipping out of India. They came to my office and are even checking bank accounts, stocks emails. Everything. There is going to be a group of people gathering together on Monday in the dropshipping industry. These are some seriously wealthy people. They are meeting about what is going to happen, and what they can do. Who can be paid. The U.S. is putting a lot of pressure. In the past they have inspected us but I have never seen them take it this seriously. Anyone caught dropshipping from India right now will be looking at a prison sentence.

Unless you have some good contacts then the pharmaceutical shipping industry may be dead as we know it. It happened in China. I was shut down overnight. Anyone caught shipping pharma faces a 10 year jail sentence.

I will do my best to keep you up to date as I get more information. If anyone hears anything, please comment below. If you are an American, I strongly recommend you do not order anything that’s illegal in the U.S. – If you live outside the U.S., then this may affect your ability to get legal medications in your own country.

I have received another email now forwarded to me which seems to corroborate the first.

sorry for inform you this .that in india there is huge problem as fda- india has been stopped all dropshipping businee from yesterday and there is worst condition here…so till this issue solved we could not able to  provide you dropshipping service more i will update you next week

and please do not send me order two dayes i will conform you then you send me order

While it is illegal to purchase scheduled substances in the United States (such as modafinil), many other countries around the world allow their citizens to purchase pharmaceuticals from abroad (such as the United Kingdom).

Due to India’s patent laws (or lack of) they are major world producer of generic medicines. These restrictions may end up affecting the world in general’s ability to get affordable medication.

It looks like this is real. If anyone has information, please let us know.  Feel free to email through out contact page or post your comments below.

UPDATES: is deferring taking orders until the current situation is straightened out (They’re expecting Tuesday, 2/4/2014) has reduced the list of countries that they are shipping to. have stopped taking orders until a later date (They’re also expecting Tuesday, 2/4/2014)

RXRex is having a shipping delay until Feb 8th has removed their PayPal account and are no longer accepting orders.

UPDATE: The Indian FDA is headed by Mahesh Zagade, and he has publicly warned chemists against “mis-selling drugs,” and announced that they will be starting to perform “Safety Audits”. (

UPDATE: The FDA has shut down four of Ranbaxy’s medical plants. Ranbaxy is a major manufacturer of generic Provigil (modafinil). (

UPDATE: Indian FDA is demanding greater regulatory powers comparable to the US’s FDA. Potentially related to the recent crackdown. (

FINAL UPDATE: I spoke with Sophie over at and she told me that the chemists they work with are affected by this situation but it looks hopeful that they will be shipping again by the end of this week.


  1. Rob Day   •  

    I just spoke to a friend who has a relative in the “Upper Hierarchy” of the FDA. He asked him about this Online Indian Pharmacy “Situation” and was told that the FDA periodically “flexes their muscles” with IPS & Indian Pharmacies. They do this to appease the US Pharmaceutical Lobbyists in Washington DC. This will all pass. The FDA is understaffed and underpaid. They have enough problems in the USA.

    • Mike   •     Author

      Thank you for looking into this! So far ModUp has indicated that right now its delays and hopefully this won’t be a big issue.

  2. Rob Day   •  

    Another update, I buy a lot of “Non Medical” items from India. We had a lot of packages “Stuck In Mumbai” for about 10 Days. These were EMS Speed Post (7-10 Days) shipments. The good news is that all packages were released simultaneously. We suspect that the Indian (Non Postal) authorities have left the building so to speak.

  3. source   •  

    give it two weeks the director of FDA mumbai is retiring this si all for show, its big business.

  4. Ralph   •  

    Everything positive till now… things should be back on track very soon

  5. Ralph   •  


    • Mike   •     Author

      I’ve sent in a message to some of the suppliers and am waiting to hear back. As far as I know they are all working very hard to find new sources or to move operations. I will update when I know anything more.

  6. source   •  

    everything is still shut down, mumbai is not shipping.

    good time to sit on sidelines.

  7. Andy   •  

    Any updates? Ordered and paid with, then this. Meantime not a word from Alex and chums despite multiple requests for feedback – unimpressed. Was given a tracking no. but end of story so far.

    • Andy   •  

      Well, even as my comment was being scrutinised by The Moderator, the nice people at were writing to me with an update! So, no sign of the goods yet but at least I feel that Alex and co. are on the case. I’ll wait my time in line, cross fingers for a speedy resolution and be a bit more stoic in future!

  8. Andy   •  

    Newbie question but is India the only (previoulsy) reliable source? I heard United Pharma ship from HK (but they don’t seem to be fulfilling orders either)? Other reasonable/reliable Countries Of Origin?

  9. Misa   •  

    +1 to Andy. Can anyone advice some good contacts outside of India?

    • Mike   •     Author

      Modup seems to be shipping again.

      • Andy   •  

        Based on your update I placed an order with ModUp. Payment (Bitcoin) delivered. 24hrs later no confirmation of receipt, no tracking. Seems they are taking ‘pre-orders’ – i.e. happy to take your money and leave you hanging wondering wtf is happening.

        • Andy   •  

          …and online support which appears to be permamently offline. Unimpressed!

          • Sophie (Modup)   •  

            Hi Andy,

            We are a bit behind with Payment processing, we will send a confirmation as soon as the order is processed.

  10.   •  


    I stumbled upon Mike’s Blog while looking for some links to show my clients that this so called storm is going on, and has been for weeks now. I am happy to say that we at are shipping out of India and have gotten all our last week orders out. As most people know that medicine in India is big business and its gotten very hard to get a proper pharmacy license, and forget about a Pharmaceutical export license. Be assure that some of us do have all our paperwork in order. If your looking for a long term supplier. Contact us at 303-800-6337 we are happy to assist those stuck in the ocean that need their meds asap. We are open for business and for those that never heard about our site. We have been open since 2005, and have thousands of reviews online. check out our reputation and you will not be disappointed.

  11. Andy   •  

    2 weeks on and still not a movement from ModUp. First time and huge disappointment especially after I took it on ref from this site. Full refund requested. Will let you know how that goes.

    • Andy   •  

      Repeating my comment from another thread, after a slow start seems that the guys are coming through. Seems that I may have vented my spleen a tad too soon! With humble apologies to Sophie and crew. It appears that the golden rep is deserved.

  12. Darrell   •  

    My mods arrived today! AWESOME!

  13. J   •  

    Hi Guys,

    I’ve had to delete a few of the posts as it was getting a little out of hand (posting various tracking numbers, skype ID’s, web addresses and plenty of spammy drug names).

    Feel free to comment on the article / discuss the industry, but leaving price lists and tracking numbers is taking it a little too far haha,


  14. ABS   •  

    Not just Sophie but every single person I’ve ever been in contact with @modup is amazing. consistently great customer service. and they have gone above and beyond expectation for about 9 orders. they are a beacon of light in this community.

  15. mills   •  

    Any new update…?
    Plz let me when it will restart.

  16.   •  

    what about US to US dropship? we can help with this, viagra, cialis and tramadol only, a good solution for those customers thinking about a refund or chargeback!

    I hope Mike M. dont get mad on me after this post 😉

  17. r00t   •  

    Is everything cool now @ ModUp.Net to USA?

  18. willow   •  

    My shipper and I is still able to ship out from India.But some got stuck some passes. They post not from Mumbai but from other states. If you want to get in touch with me please let me know.

  19. Rob   •  

    Stay away from OneMedStore. They used to be reputable but have now gone the other way. They will take your payment and you will not hear from them again no matter how many times you try to contact them.

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