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Semax Profile Added!

Semax Peptide Structure

Semax is one of those little-known nootropics, that really deserves more attention. Developed in Russia in the 1980s, Semax is a peptide nootropic (lke Selank) which can enhance cognitive function, support mood and promote NGF release. There’s a number of benefits and potential mechanisms of action listed in the article.  Read about Semax here.

3 Calmative Stacks For Focus, Relaxation and Sleep

Focus and Relaxation

It’s impossible to get much done with an anxious state of mind. Below are three stacks designed to quell anxiety and keep you calm and relaxed. Of the three stacks, the initial first stack is nutrient based and non habit forming, designed to be taken every day. The second stack, bar selank, is also non habit forming, but designed for a more cognitive enhancing edge rather than just a calm state of mind. The third stack is the most potent by far and is only to be used sporadically as tolerance will develop with frequent enough use. Stack #1 –
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Glycine Writeup Complete

Glycine Structure

The humble little amino acid glycine has finally got it’s own profile. With benefits geared towards sleep, glycine would appear to be safe, non habit forming and inexpensive. Glycine is certainly worth looking into for those looking to enhance/optimise/hack their sleep with nootropics.  The entire profile has the 3 sleep studies conducted with glycine, in each of them glycine was found to be beneficial. Check out the glycine nootropic profile for detailed information.

Exploring the Braverman Assessment – What does it tell us about neurotransmitter dominance and deficiency?

Think of your brain as car

This excellent guest post was submitted by our friends at  The Trading Edge . Please check them out if you’re interested in seeing how investing, trading, and nootropics interrelate. Why do you use nootropics? Let me start with a basic question, “Why do you supplement with nootropics?”. Are you using nootropics to alleviate a cognitive disorder? Are you a student using nootropics to improve your studies and best your classmates? Are you a corporate warrior trying to get more done and to keep one step ahead of the competition? Are you an elderly person who supplements to ward off the
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Big Omega 3 Writeup Added To The DB

DHA Structure

We’ve needed an Omega 3 profile for far too long. It’s always been pushed aside as there’s so much to write about! We’ve covered the basics and some of the less basic. In short – optimizing your omega 3 intake is a must. We’ve got information on dosage, ratios (of omega 3 to 6), a ton of studies relevant to healthy people and a fair deal of information on the mechanisms of action. In short, supplement omega 3 or eat some oily fish. Find out why at our omega 3 profile page.

Analytical TruBrain Review

TruBrain Experience

TruBrain Review – A True Nootropic Stack TruBrain is a prebuilt nootropic stack that is notable for being one of the few stack products that has actual racetams in it. Most pre-built stacks stick to common supplement ingredients available at a typical vitamin store (or even grocery store) instead of the more effective and interesting compounds in the racetam family. TruBrain was started by an interesting team of people. Their Lead Neuroscientist, Dr. Hill, is a neuroscientist from UCLA. This isn’t a stack made by marketers – it’s been researched and taken seriously from day 1. So let’s take a
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Creatine added to the database

Creatine Structure

We’ve needed a solid write up on creatine for a while. Best thought of as a pseudo nutrient, creatine is produced naturally by the liver in sub-optimal amounts, and it would appear supplementation increases muscle/brain creatine stores thereby providing a modest cognitive benefit. Effects seem to be more relevant for vegetarians (who’s dietary intake is low due to no-meat) and the elderly. In healthy people, creatine enhances maximum strength, improves exercise performance and provides protection against cognitive deficits associated with sleep deprivation. It’s safe, cheap and effective! Check out the entire creatine profile page for all the science.

Nootropics Podcast Roundtable Discussion

SmartDrugSmarts Podcast

Hey everyone, Smarter Nootropics was a guest recently on the SmartDrugSmarts podcast. We sat down to speak with Jesse Lawler, biohacker and Nootropics enthusiast as well as Mans Denton from the TheHackedMind website. We discuss nutrition, aging, personal favorite stacks, ADHD medications, and the growing popularity of Nootropics and cognitive enhancers among 20-somethings as well as baby boomers. Please check out the podcast if you’ve got some free time on your commute or are in the mood for some audio content. You can see us on episode 40 – Nootropics Roundtable. Don’t forget to let us know what you think
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Selank and Caffeine Profiles added!

Powerful Caffeine

We’ve added two in depth profiles to our database, Selank and Caffeine. The two compounds couldn’t be much further apart, caffeine being a very well known stimulant that the vast majority of people are acquainted with, while selank is an anxiolytic (semi) research peptide developed in Russia that few people have heard of. The initial research on selank we’ve dug up looks promising. In the weeks to come, we’ll be publishing a selank day by day trial which puts the compound to the test.

My Modafinil Fueled All Nighter – With Cognitive Tests

Night Owler

Pulling an all-nighter is something most of us have done from time to time. Whether it’s changing shift patterns, cramming for exams or meeting an all important work deadline, there’s usually a reason as to why a night’s sleep gets sidelined. Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day and it’s time to burn the midnight oil. I’ve been intending to test the efficacy of modafinil for an all-nighter for a good few months, particularly after reading the following 64 hour sleep deprivation study. The Military Sleep Deprivation Study In 1995 the Canadian defense and civil institute of environmental
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