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The “Best” Nootropic? Don’t Believe The Hype

Best Nootropic

I spend a great deal of time browsing Reddit, Longecity and discussing nootropics with people over email. Often,  newcomers ask one of the following questions: “What’s the best nootropic?” “What’s the best nootropics stack?” “What’s the best nootropic for studying?” It seems to be a common line of thinking. Indeed, looking at Google search statistics, you’ve got 100s people plugging in these sorts of terms on a daily basis. I expect this only to grow as nootropics become more popular. Perhaps you even found this post by typing one the above terms into Google only moments ago. If that’s the
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3 Powerful Motivation Stacks I Keep Handy

Tomorrow meaning

Generally speaking, I’m not a poorly motivated person. I catch a reasonable amount of sleep, exercise frequently and for the most part, I’m reasonably productive. But when I come to a task I really don’t want to do,  I can turn into a master procrastinator. And while there’s many well established methods of coping with procrastination, I’ve found lighting a fire under me with a stimulant/drive/motivation stack can be highly effective. Over the past 2 years, I’ve experimented with a number of nootropics and stimulants which I’ve found very helpful for getting me through the most banal of tasks. Below are three
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NSI-189 New Nootropic Profile Added

NSI-189 Phosphate Structure

Chris Atkins has been hard at work researching NSI-189. We’ve got a full profile available at our NSI-189 page. It’s a relatively unstudied nootropic compound that’s been gaining some traction recently. It stimulates neuronal growth in the hippocampus, helps reduce depression, and may help treating people with a number of illnesses related to hippocampal damage. Please check out the profile and let us know what you think.

Ultracholine Review – A Premium Cholinergic Formula

Ultracholine 30 Capsules

Ultracholine is a recently released nootropic formula brought to the market by Mind Nutrition which aims to support acetylcholine and cholinergic processes in the brain. Indeed the tag line for the product is “brain nutrient replenishment”. Looking To Purchase Ultracholine? If you’re interested in purchasing Ultracholine, please consider the below links. Your purchase supports SmarterNootropics.  Worldwide:: Mind Nutrition Store Initial Impressions I was sent a 30 capsule “sample” bottle of Ultracholine for this review. Far from being a simple CDP or GPC choline supplement, Ultracholine contains 7 separate ingredients (listed below) all of which appear to be aimed at acetylcholine formation
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Centrophenoxine Profile Added

Centrophenoxine Structure

We’ve added a detailed centrophenoxine into our nootropics database. Centropheoxine is a cholinergic nootropic and DMAE ester, capable of crossing the blood brain barrier. Be sure to leave a review at the bottom of the profile page if you’ve used it.

5 Interesting Research Nootropics

Fluorenol Structure

The following is guest post from Alex at Nootropics Supplement Review. You can learn more about research nootropics at their website. As exciting as the science of nootropics has become in the recent years, things appear to be looking even brighter and more promising for those who are keen on pushing their mental abilities further than what was once thought as possible. There seems to be no stopping the development of newer substances that are even more potent and are more effective cognitive enhancing agents.  At present, there are already several cognitive enhancing agents that are available commercially to research scientists and
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Supporting Acetylcholine With Nootropics

Alpha GPC Structure

The following is a guest post by Eric Balaster who is the co-founder of Pure Nootropics. His interest in nootropics first developed when his grandfather needed racetams to improve memory in old age. The Importance Of Choline Choline is one of the most important micronutrients for brain health and is vital for the synthesis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine and cell membranes. Despite choline’s importance, research has uncovered that less than 10% of the American population regularly consumes the recommended daily intake which is 400-550mg per day. Dietary choline has an integral role in physical and cognitive function; deficiency can lead
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Lion’s Mane Mushroom Writeup!

Lion's Mane

We’ve added an in depth nootropic profile for lion’s mane mushroom. As a potent NGF simulator, recent research has demonstrated lion’s mane is able to reduce depressive symptoms in postmenopausal women and significantly reduce cognitive deficit the the elderly.

CILTEP Stacks: Caffeine, Modafinil and Racetams

Fresh Green Tea

After my previous post “a week with CILTEP” which was around 8 weeks ago, I’ve continued to take the formula on a daily basis – bar weekends for tolerance. I’ve experimented with all of my usual nootropics including modafinil and would like to share how things have gone. How I’ve Gone About This Certainly nothing too scientific. I take CILTEP Monday-Friday with a few slight exceptions and it’s always been a serving of 3 capsules first thing in the morning. The substances I’ve reviewed have been taken multiple times on separate occasions so I can get a good feel for
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CILTEP Stack Review : A Week With CILTEP

CILTEP 60 Capsules

What Is the CILTEP Nootropic Stack? CILTEP is an acronym for Chemically Induced Long Term Potentiation. It’s a nootropic stack designed to enhance long term potentiating (LTP) – a cellular mechanism responsible for memory encoding between neurons. LTP works by strengthening connections (synapses) between neurons and underlies synaptic plasticity, thus impacting learning and memory. Want To Purchase CILTEP? If you’re interested in purchasing CILTEP, please visit consider the links below. Your purchase supports smarter nootropics. US / Worldwide customers can order though the Natural Stacks website, while UK and EU users can now order CILTEP from our UK based affiliate
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