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2C-D is a drug that is in the 2C family of phenethylamines. It was first discovered by a team of researchers from Texas Research Institute of Mental Sciences, and later its effects were examined in humans by Alexander Shulgin as he was researching the entire 2C family of phenethylamines.2C-D is potentially the most interesting out of all of its brother and sister chemicals in the 2C family. While the other 2C chemicals are useful almost exclusively for psychedelic “trips”, 2C-D has demonstrated in low doses serious nootropic potential. At a dose of 5-10mg, Shulgin recorded this experience of 2C-D in his book Phenthylamines I Have Known And Loved: “There is something going on, but it is subtle. I find that I can just slightly redirect my attention so that it applies more exactly to what I am doing. I feel that I can learn faster. This is a `smart’ pill!“

In the mid 1980s a group of people experimented with 2C-D specifically in regards to its effects on learning and cognition. Most of the test subjects were graduate students who were voluntarily taking 2C-D. Their results were recorded in the work Certain Exotic Transmitters as SMART PILLS or Compounds that Increase the Capacity for Mental Work in Humans A story about LAZAR as told by Hosteen Nez

Unfortunately, the body of research appears to end there. Wikipedia has mention to therapeutic studies of 2C-D in Germany under the name “LE-25”.

Caution: In the United States, 2C-D is potentially covered under the Federal Analog Act. Selling or purchasing 2C-D with the intent of human consumption is potentially punishable as a felony.

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by hirmelock on Blank Product Name
Einstein in a pill

This stuff is great! It's simply wonderful. 2C-D at low doses increased my memory and problem solving skills. It made me think of the abstract connections between topics and made whatever I learned make more sense. It makes learning more interesting. 2C-D at low doses stacks perfectly with low doses of 2C-I. 2C-I increased energy and confidence and has this synergy with the low dose 2C-D. I became smarter, and some of the enhancement stayed with me even after the low dose 2C-D wore off. Long term potentiation? I assume it's like while moderate to extreme levels causes hallucinations, mild activation of 5HT2a increases cognition. It's like creativity and insight fused with high intelligence. Like a web of learning.