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DMAA (Geranamine)

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Other Names:
DMAA, Geranamine, 1,3 Dimethylamylamine, 1,3 Dimethylpentylamine


DMAA, Geranamine

DMAA (also known as Geranamine) is a central nervous stimulant. It is somewhat similar in structure to amphetamine and propylhexedrine. It is however, missing two carbons which would complete a carbon ring in either of these substances. DMAA is an extract of geranium oil, and, as such, is considered a legal dietary supplement under the DSHEA. (As of this writing). It is legally available to purchase and consume.

DMAA appears to have a duration of about 2 hours.

This substance has been increasingly popping up in party pills, and thermogenic health supplements aimed at promoting weight loss and giving energy. It has recently come under fire by the World Anti-Doping Agency. WADA has put it on its list of prohibited substances.

Side effects of DMAA include nausea, headache, and in rare cases, stroke. The safety of DMAA is very similar to that of caffeine, although it is a more powerful stimulant. The lethal doses studied in rats was  39 mg/kg for intravenous and 185 mg/kg intranasally.Oral toxicity is significantly lower for related chemicals (like caffeine) and has not yet been determined for DMAA. A typical dosage of DMAA is 25-50mg orally.

Overall, DMAA exhibits a similar safety profile to Caffeine, and produces stronger stimulating effects. This is a chemical that would be useful for studying, delaying sleep onset, and promoting alertness. It is also legal in the United States under the DSHEA.

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by ron leon on Blank Product Name
inaccurate article

I've used dmaa for several years and find it to be a useful component of my nootropic stack, and it also seems to be an effective appetite suppressant. however, this article states that it is legal in the united states, which is not accurate. I am not aware of any source for dmaa in the usa, and as far as I can tell sellers who claim they are selling dmaa in the usa are lying. personally, I've found that amp citrate is a good substitute in a nootropic stack, and it has some other useful characteristics that dmaa doesn't have.

Thank me later

65mg DMAA
50mg Caffeine
50mg Hordenine
25mg B6
25mg Noopept
250mg Alpha GPC

by Hirmlocke on Blank Product Name
OK nootropic, though works best in a stack

It's not very stimulating like classical stimulants, but the effects are mostly peripheral. There's an increase in strength, stamina, and sometimes a strong desire to exercise followed by actually exercising a lot. It's stronger than caffeine, though. It works when you're well rested and in the morning or 2:30 in the afternoon. It will not work well when you're sleep deprived, because you'll end up sleeping or in twilight sleep(somnolence) and you'll see stuff. DMAA works best when stacked with phenylpiracetam and/or aniracetam. It's not very good on it's own, but works better in nootropic stacks. It stacks very well when combined with phenylpiracetam and an energy drink.

Crappy Stimulant

Don't get me wrong I enjoy stimulants but this one feels dirty and only lasts for about an hour before there's a nasty crash. I get headaches and I think it tastes terrible.