The Complete Guide To Nootropics

What Are Nootropics?

Nootropics are substances which enhance cognitive function without major tolerance issues or side effects. All nootropics are cognitive enhancers, while all cognitive enhancers are not nootropic per se. A classic example would be caffeine, which enhances cognitive function but strictly speaking isn’t a nootropic as it has tolerance and side effects. Understandably there’s a big grey area. We cover this question in detail in our what are nootropics article.

How Do Nootropics Work?

Virtually any process in the brain that is beneficially modified could class as a mechanism of action for nootropics. Common mechanisms are; improving blood flow (and subsequently oxygen and glucose delivery), altering neurotransmitters, modifying synapses, providing raw materials (as with choline), enhancing nerve growth rate (via nerve growth factor) and by improving cell membrane fluidity.

Misconceptions and the Truth

The media portrayal of cognitive enhancement has been somewhat unrealistic. This has led some to have unrealistic expectations which we hope to clear up.

Nootropics aren’t:

  1. A replacement for sleep In the long term.
  2. Able to turn you into Bradley Cooper (sorry).
  3. A substitute for hard work.
  4. Stimulants such as adderall, modafinil or caffeine (strictly speaking – more information here)
  5. Free of side effects. As with any substance, use common sense.

Nootropics are:

  1. The cognitive icing on the cake.
  2. Able to enhance learning, memory, intelligence and motivation.
  3. Relevant for the young and old.
  4. Sourced both naturally (eg bacopa) and synthetically (eg piracetam)

Where To Begin?

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Where To Purchase Nootropics?

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