After my previous post “a week with CILTEP” which was around 8 weeks ago, I’ve continued to take the formula on a daily basis – bar weekends for tolerance. I’ve experimented with all of my usual nootropics including modafinil and would like to share how things have gone.

How I’ve Gone About This

Certainly nothing too scientific. I take CILTEP Monday-Friday with a few slight exceptions and it’s always been a serving of 3 capsules first thing in the morning. The substances I’ve reviewed have been taken multiple times on separate occasions so I can get a good feel for the subjective experience.

CILTEP with Caffeine

I initially wrote about this during my first week experience report. I noticed a dramatic enhancement of caffeine’s effectiveness which almost felt like I’d taken a double dose. I typically consume caffeine from loose leaf tea of and I’m fairly religious about the amounts used, so as to keep my caffeine dose fairly constant;  so much so that I actually weigh my tea on microscales.

Over the last 8 weeks I’ve chosen to stick with this method of dosing as I’ve noticed with my green tea’s there’s dramatic differences in caffeine content between the different types. I didn’t wish for varying caffeine content to confound my results. So, same tea (dragonwell), same dose (2.5g), roughly same steep time (3 minutes).

Results: It’s pretty clear to me that there’s a strong synergy with caffeine which appears to be more than just simple “amplification” of caffeine. In other words, CILTEP + caffeine seem to be vastly superior to 1.5X caffeine.

Caffeine clearly has effects on both mind and body:

Mind: Enhanced motivation, mood, and appreciation for music, increased sociability.
Body:  Increased heart rate, increased BP, increased urination and perspiration.

Summary: I noticed that CILTEP enhances the “mind” effects for me, while doing little for the “body”, which suits me just fine.  In a way, CILTEP+Caffeine felt like a more dopaminergic caffeine. In any event, I find the combination vastly superior to simply consuming more caffeine, which can leave me a little racey.

CILTEP and Dark Chocolate (Cocoa)

Cacao is rich in the alkaloid theobromine, which is structurally similar to caffeine. Theobromine is a minor metabolite of caffeine (approx. 12%) and while small amounts of theobromine are found in tea, chocolate is a major source.  To confuse things further, it’s suggested the small amounts of caffeine are found in dark chocolate, though it seems too small to have any impact. For my trial I ran a 20-30g serving of dark chocolate 90% cocoa solids in the morning with 3 capsules of CILTEP.

Subjectively I’ve found theobromine far “smoother” than caffeine (with or without CILTEP), that is to say it’s onset and end aren’t sudden or abrupt. Theobromine seems more mood enhancing and “feel good” than caffeine. While theobromine does increase alertness and motivation, I’ve found caffeine the more effective of the two.

Results: The combination of CILTEP and theobromine seems to work for me. There’s a definite synergy that amplifies theobromines effects. Similar to caffeine, I don’t notice the “body” effects of theobromine being increased by CILTEP, which leads me to believe that CILTEP’s synergy isn’t related to absorption or prolonging the metabolism of theobromine, but rather some increased neurotransmitter effect in the brain.

Summary:  A positive experience and certainly better than theobromine solo. The combination makes me sociable and talkative. I found the mood enhancement particularly beneficial.

CILTEP with Modafinil

I usually take modafinil once a week, sometimes once a fortnight. I’m typically consuming 100mg of modalert and after 50+ single doses over 2 years, I’ve got a good feel for what modafinil typically does to me; enhancing focus, reducing sociability and eliminating the need for sleep.

Results:  I find the two don’t stack well together at all. Modafinil typically makes me slightly anxious and I’ve noticed the addition of CILTEP pretty much guarantees I’ll be in a bad mood. In addition, the hyper focusing effects of modafinil seem to get taken into overdrive with CILTEP which wasn’t something I was looking for.

One remedy for this situation has been phenibut. I notice that a 250mg-500mg dose of phenibut around 2-3 hours into the stack, pretty much emulates the anxiety and restores my good mood.  Phenibut is good for sporadic use, but using phenibut more than twice a week will likely lead to some tolerance.

Summary: Modafinil is powerful enough for me solo, but if you’re looking to enhance the focusing effects, consider stacking the two. Be sure to keep some phenibut on hand for anxiety suppression.

CILTEP and the Racetams

I’ve commented on CILTEP and piracetam in my previous experience report. I feel there’s decent synergy between the two. It’s nothing as pronounced as the stimulant synergy, but I certainly felt more able to focus. For those interested I’ve also put mini reviews (part science, part subjective experience) of each racetam in a separate article.

Since my previous CILTEP writeup I have since trialed both oxiracetam and pramiracetam.

Oxiracetam – Even without CILTEP, I find oxiracetam the most stimulating of the racetams save for phenylpiracetam. It’s subtle, but I certainly notice oxiracetam’s effects if I’ve taken it close to bedtime.

CILTEP and oxiracetam stacked fairly well for me, there was a definite focusing enhancement effect and I felt more “awake”, but as with modafinil – slightly anxious. Overall it’s nothing groundbreaking, but certainly no reason not to stack them.

Pramiracetam– Without CILTEP, has always been a double strength piracetam for me. I find it effective in calming down my brain chatter, but a noted downside has always been a less sociable, more pragmatic version of myself.

The combination of CILTEP and pramiracetam worked fairly well for me. It’s a similar effect with both piracetam and oxiracetam; a noted increase in focus and work capacity. Nothing to write home about, but a definite subtle benefit.


CILTEP works well with stimulants and appears to dramatically enhance their effectiveness. My personal favorite is the CILTEP + theobromine combination for the increased sociability and CILTEP + caffeine for increased motivation, mental energy and ability to get stuff done.

For me, the CILTEP formula doesn’t play well with modafinil, but I’ve seen contrary reports across the internet.  When it comes to the racetams – there’s a modest synergy, it’s subtle, but it’s there.