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Modafinilcat closed, alternative options still abound

Modafinilcat, one of the internet’s most successful vendors of modafinil, has closed down. With the loss of this popular purveyor of power pills has shook the market. Where else can you get modafinil? What modafinilcat alternatives do we recommend?

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How modafinilcat closed down

Modafinilcat posted a notice on their homepage several months ago indicating that they would not be taking new orders. The managers said the site was taking up too much of their time. Understandable, considering that modafinilcat was shipping upwards of a thousand orders a week.

There appears to have been no foul play. While customers wish there was something juicier here, the truth seems to be out in the open.

Some sources have suggested that modafinilcat closed down due to legal pressure or running afoul of some laws. There’s no evidence to suggest this, and buying modafinil online is not illegal anyway, nor is facilitating its shipment from abroad.

Perhaps the most peculiar theory that’s surfaced is that the site was, in fact, run by a cat.

A review of modafinilcat

Modafinilcat was, in a word, beloved. Reddit users praised it constantly. A thread of mourning was started just after the closure was announced. Several nootropic sites gave it high marks for shipping times and excellent communication. The price was great and the product was the same consistent quality material that other sites sell: Modvigil and Modalert.

They had a very generous re-ship policy for most destinations and accepted a variety of payment forms, including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Overall, modafinilcat was a fantastic vendor. It’ll be missed.

Modafinilcat alternatives

With modafinilcat closed down, there are still several other sites you can turn to buy modafinil. has been a consistent source for modafinil for quite some time and we continue to endorse them.

If you’re interested in trying some other options you can have a look at Reddit’s modafinil FAQ, which has several vendors.

Keep your stack strong with top-quality generic modafinil. The grand-daddy of all the nootropics, modafinil is a must-have for your nootropic needs.

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