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Phenylpiracetam Review- 4 Experience Reports

Phenylpiracetam Structure

Phenylpiracetam is easily the most stimulating of the piracetam derivatives. Numerous reports across various nootropic forums attest to phenlypiracetam’s ability to enhance motivation, drive, focus and energy levels.



Structurally, the modification is similar to a phenylethlamine (PEA) molecule being added on. PEA is a well documented stimulant that increases dopamine and adrenaline release.

Common sense would classify this compound as more of  a stimulant, rather than everyday “true� nootropic, as there’s well noted tolerance with even moderate term use.  As such, my experience report listing was not a straight 1 or 2 week run as I’ve done before with CILTEP.

Instead, below you’ll find a collection of 4 separate experiences for when phenylpiracetam has been brought out of the cupboard. On my first experience, I ran pheylpiracetam solo for a single day, while my second and third experiences were one day after the other.

Note – for every experience below, the method of administration was sublingual.

So, without further ado!

Experience #1 – A Typical Day’s Work

Dose: 200mg Phenylpiracetam

Other Compounds: CDP Choline, ALCAR + Various Nutrients

I’d already read that this wasn’t a compound to take close to bedtime, so I opted for it as part of my morning “stack�.  Around an hour after consumption I felt a definite lift in my mood and motivation levels.  Music I was listening to became more enjoyable and I felt a definite urge to be social and talkative. It almost felt like a more powerful caffeine, without a noticeable body effect.

Peak effects were felt at around the 2 hour mark, which lasted for a good 4 hours, so in total, around 5-6 hours of a stimulated feeling.  I resisted the urge to mess around and simply procrastinate with greater efficacy (as can occasionally happen with stimulants) and proceeded to burn through my daily workload.

Greater ability to concentrate and and enhanced motivation were the main benefits I felt.  All in all, a good experience.

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Experience #2 – A Day Of Excel Spreadsheet Analysis

Dose: 100mg phenylpiracetam then a subsequent 150mg

Other Compounds: CDP Choline, ALCAR + Various Nutrients

This experience took place around a week after my first phenylpiracetam trial. While a week is probably total overkill for tolerance after a single dose, there hadn’t been a clear day to test it out.

At around 7AM I dosed 100mg, which in honestly I felt only a mild effect from. I’d considered this might happen and left my options open for a redose at 9AM, should I be underwhelmed.

I opted for a 150mg redose at 9AM and by 10AM I was clearly in “the zone�. As with my previous experience, I felt positive and very sociable. I had a day of excel spreadsheets and analysis to sort though and this banal and boring task became a delight.


During my brief lunch break, I opted for a short online round of battlefield which was nothing short of fantastic. Reaction times were like lightening. It was so pronounced that I did a basic reaction test at human benchmark and was scoring consistently in the 190s (I’m typically In the 220s).

Aside from creating gracing the battlefield with my presence, I did work and my day was insanely productive – on par with modafinil levels of productivity, but without the anxiety.  By 4PM the vast majority of phenylpiracetams effect had worn off. I slept at 10PM with very little difficulty drifting off.

Experience #3 – Phenylpiracetam and Physical Work

Dose: 200mg with Smart Caffeine (100mg Caffeine/200mg Theanine)

Other Compounds: CDP Choline, + Various Nutrients

This day was set to be a big one. At work, there was 2 pallet loads of stock to be put away in the warehouse which I was tackling solo. Aside from this, I had my typical daily amount of work and a fairly big amount of weight training in the late afternoon.

A perfect day to test the physical endurance enhancing effects of phenylpiracetam. I also keen to see if phenylpiracetam remained effective after being run 2 days in a row.

I opted for a 200mg dose at 8AM and a capsule of Smart Caffeine early lunchtime. I felt a little less stimulated than my first dose of phenylpiracetam on experience report #1, but all in all my spirits were lifted and I was ready to get things done.

For the majority of the day, I was indefatigable. I can certainly see why this is a banned competition stimulant that Olympic athletes have previously turned to. It’s just a case of feeling tired less and being able to get on with more. I also noticed my appetite was somewhat reduced.

Experience #4 – Phenylpiracetam with Modafinil


Dose: 200mg Phenylpiracetam with 100mg Modafinil

Other Compounds: CDP Choline, + Various Nutrients

I’d considered that this might be a little strong, but I was keen to see if the effects of both Modafinil and Phenylpiracetam would be greater than a double dose of either alone.

In short, it wasn’t a great idea. The compounds feel very similar to me. While I was very energetic and able to concentrate on just about anything at will, I was anxious throughout the day.

I’d anticipated this may happen and I’d kept 500mg of phenibut and 200mg of theanine on standby, which got to work by 2PM. The rest of the day felt good, but not much better than I’d just had a single larger dose of phenylpiracetam or modafinil.

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Strengths: Focus enhancer, motivation enhancer, boosts both physical and mental stamina.

Weaknesses:  Tolerance, possible anxiety, not suitable for a short term boost.

Phenylpiracetam is a stimulant,  plain and simple. I can’t imagine anything this powerful would come without a significant tolerance after prolonged use. Phenylpiracetam seems to enhance both physical and mental output and I can now see why it’s so popular among students.

Phenylpiracetam proved itself to be a great focus enhancer while providing a definite boost to my motivation. It clearly shares the qualities of other stimulants, and if I had to place it anywhere, I’d say it lies somewhere between modafinil and caffeine.

Going forward: Phenylpiracetam will definitely be something I regularly turn to. I wouldn’t like to take it more than once or twice in a week, or at the very most a 4-5 day period with a substantial break afterwards.

Please feel free to leave a comment below  if you have any questions, I’m happy to discuss this post.



  1. blkrsenmaiden   â€¢  

    Hi, Regarding Phenylpiracetam, I have been taking it for over 1 year every single day. I do not notice any tolerance. My problem is more like the opposite, where if I don’t take it, I will become ill. The reason I started taking it is because I have a genetic endocrine disease that effects my adrenals; in turn I have bouts of low blood pressure that can be life threatening, known to the medical community as “adrenal crisis”, but to other people they look like fainting spells and fatigue. I have had this problem since age 10, but in the last 5 years, it has become dangerously life threatening and frequent. Really the only antidote I know of is Phenylpiracetam, which appears to fortify the pituitary, from what I gather from the research. Like all of the Racetam’s it is an anticonvulsant. The way that anticonvulsants work is to stop a feedback loop in the brain. With the adrenal problem, the feedback loop is from the Pituitary to the adrenals, causing them to wear out and be destroyed (in some cases).

    If you are interested in the trivia about that, its called “secondary Addisons disease”, its genetic -originating from Ireland. They have isolated the genetic strand that causes it, which is very similar to the same strand (also called a subgroup) that causes type 1 Diabetes, autoimmune Hepatitis, Celiac Disease, Rhumatoid Arthritis. These are all inherited through this particular genetic marker. My mother is Irish and also has a problem with her Thyroid, which was removed. This disease often effects other portions of the endocrine system as well, since it originates with the Pituitary.

    My main problem is loss of blood pressure. My blood pressure can become so low that I am nearly dead. Its truly astonishing. And stress makes it worse, so going to the hospital during an Adrenal Crisis is really torture. I have learned over the course of a lifetime, to refuse the ambulance called when I faint, or else be forced to endure the most torturous and endless grilling and mishandling by random people trying to “help”. Really the best antidote is to lie down, if possible. (and get Phenylpiracetam)

    Since I started taking it, I have not had even 1 Adrenal Crisis. Awesome! it also gives me a fair amount of physical strength, enough to go to the gym, which is nice. It treats my fibromyalgia pains, which were excruciating when I first started it. It appears the reason is the Pituitary. Much of the symptoms are typical of low hormones such as either Thyroid hormones or Cortisol, the absence of either of which can be fatal. I have to say that at times I do take a triple dose: but not regularly, only when I am moving furniture or something and have no choice. A lot of physical exertion is traumatic for me, particularly under stress, even with a higher dose. I take it with Twin Labs Choline Cocktail mix, in grapefruit juice. Its not sublingual, just 150 mg in the morning.

    As to the effect: namely for me, it is the absence of the symptoms of my disease. The pain goes away. Its a bit like mist clearing away from a valley. Suddenly you can see everything and the sun comes out. One of my major symptoms also is sleepiness, so that I am unable to attend to conversations or work and simply must take a nap. This goes away mostly, but not always. But it is considerably less pronounced. I do believe that I would recommend this to anyone. It has not had any toxic effects, that I can tell. My memory is also improved, although that is not the primary purpose. I would not classify it as a stimulant. This classification is how the 2008 Winter Olympics got it banned as a “performance enhancing substance”-lol but can you tell me of any stimulant that protects you from the cold!? Typically, just the opposite.

    I think I would just say that it is an anticonvulsant. Maybe that term is less understood than “stimulant” but its more accurate. It prevents the feedback loops in your endocrine system that result in inflammation, lowered immunity, loss of blood pressure, bone loss (according the research), loss of cognition, etc. Apparently Levetiracetam (patented under the name Keppra, to treat Epilepsy) has also been proven to suppress the gene’s that cause Alzheimers. There has not been any research to say that Phenylpiracetam suppresses Secondary Addisons, but it would not surprise me.

    • Mike   â€¢  

      Thank you so much for sharing! I’m very happy that you’ve had great results from phenylpiracetam and that you shared with us. I hope other people will find this and find your comments useful.

    • Fred   â€¢  

      Phenypiracetam daily ? Sounds expensive

  2. Lionel L.   â€¢  

    Thank you very much for your precious info and test reports on nootropics, Mike! I was interested in racetams, googled on them and quickly realized that your site offered the most useful data, as have remarked other users. I followed your advice and ordered today an assortment of 5 racetams + theanine on Powder City — thanks!

    I’m a French baby-boomer (translator and musician) who’s been interested in psychoactive plants and substances since around 1970, and your mention of the phenethylamin radical on phenylpiracetam made me want to draw your attention to a PEA that is, in my experience, the best “soul” enhancer I’ve ever tried — and I’ve tried a lot in 45 years. 😉

    It’s part of the incredible Sasha Shulgin pharmacopea, but it’s a neglected one because deemed “too light” based on the original Shulgin test report (who had so many compounds to test that he apparently never got back to that magic one). I’ve been trying to get some again for 2 yrs 1/2 to no avail and don’t have currently the funds to explore the possibilities of custom synthesis, but I definitely will get to it someday and encourage you to look for it.

    I’m talking about 2C-T (or 2C-T-1), 4-methylthio-2,5 dimethylphenethylamin and here’s Shulgin’s synthesis recipe and report on it:

    Ever read a psychoactive substance test report that started with “Poetry was an easy and natural thing. Both the reading of it and the writing of it”?! ;-D

    Beyond just poetry, 2C-T is an incredibly inspiring molecule in general, both for passive contemplation (“reading”) and for active expression (“writing”). On one of the 2 experiences I had with it, my wife and I spent close to one hour contemplating the night sky and moonlight in Normandy, silent but in extra-ordinary empathy from that light but moving experience. Later, my guitar-playing had an unusual magic spark that made me want to play all night… but someone was waiting for me in bed, and it turned out that 2C-T is *also* the best — light, here again, just right -aphrodisiac I’ve ever tried! :))

    I remember thinking, wow, anybody could take this, even my 80+-year-old mom, it’s light, it lets you instantly get back to normal handling of things if anything unexpected requires your attention, etc.

    I do believe 2C-T can make a real difference in the coming years and I’m rather impatient to try it before playing on a gig, among other things! 🙂 Closer in time and closer to your main topic, I’m impatient to try piracetam, aniracetam, oxiracetam, pramiracetam and phenylpiracetam.

    À bientôt, donc. 😉

  3. Mark   â€¢  

    Mike – I have recently found your website and very much appreciate your articles on Nootropic use. Can’t say that I’ve found another source that’s as straightforward and written for the layman to understand as yours.

    I’m fairly new to Nootropic use, about 6 months, and began experimenting with phenylpiracetam about two months ago and have found it to be very effective at supporting motivation, clarity of though, elevated mood and balancing multiple complex activities at the same time. It’s now my “go-to� if I have a work meeting where I have to be at my absolute best. Dosages have varied from 150mg 2x a day to 100mg 3x a day (so far this seems to be the most effective if I can get dose #3 in before 4/5pm at the latest). While my experience found that I can take it on successive days and be beneficial, there does seem to be a lessening of effectiveness by day three which I am assuming is due to developing a slight tolerance. I have also found that there seems to be some benefit carryover into the next day when not dosing that day. At this point I’m taking it twice a week (ish) )depending on what’s going on on a given day.

    Again, thanks for great insightful reviews and articles – can’t wait for the newsletter.


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