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Smart Drugs For College’s Thoughts On NSI-189

This piece comes to us from our friends at Smart Drugs For College – Stephen reached out to us and asked how he could contribute and help out since we’ve been very busy. I asked him to look into neuron generation and get back to us with what he found that that would be great. Here’s what he had to say, and please note that this does not necessarily represent Smarter Nootropics’ views on the subject.


NSI 189 – By Stephen McLaughlin

When it comes to the matters pertaining to the functioning of the human brain, some amount of mystery still exists. A large volume of research has already been done and some even now being conducted to find the appropriate remedies for the many disorders related to the brain. Modern lifestyles have added to the many pressures people encounter in their lives, profession and career. Many such people go into a state of depression. In certain cases, it develops into what is known as Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). To counter this ailment, a new formulation has been found and is called NSI 189. We can learn more about this here.

The Background Behind This New Drug

Brain related disorders and malfunctioning of neurotransmitters that carry the brain’s message to the different cognitive functions within the body have been known to Man for many years. Many scientific establishments, especially in countries like Russia have been developing nootropics or smart drugs to address the various symptoms caused by such malfunctioning of the brain. However, almost all of them would address the brain chemistry to solve the issues. These nootropics, when taken regularly would cause more blood to be pumped to the area in and around the brain and facilitate creating more neurons to carry the messages from the neurotransmitters. Over a period, this would improve the cognitive functions and bring visible relief in terms of better memory retentions, longer attention spans and so on. However, in the case of the MDD, merely correcting the brain chemistry was not really found to be adequate; the need to address brain physiology was also being felt. This is how NSI 189 has been developed.

How Does NSI 189 Act As An Effective Antidepressant?

The development of this new formulation NSI 189 has been based on the need to increase the hippocampal volume, which can in turn increase the production of more neurons. The manufacturers and synthesizers of this new drug have conducted a series of trials to establish the clear link between the intake of this medicine orally and the evident improvement in the condition of the person afflicted with MDD. It was also critical for them to bring out in their trials the clear difference between the normal antidepressant drugs available so far and NSI 189. The results obtained during the trials have been collated and presented before expert Psychopharmacologists in order to obtain their valuable inputs and to further spread the awareness about the drug among these specialists.

Further Facts On The Drug

Since more sets of trial are going on, a final recommendation of the appropriate dosage of this unique antidepressant drug is yet to be announced. However, the accepted levels are 40mg doses once or maximum twice daily. Initially, one must take for a 4-week period and watch the reaction on the patient. If the cognitive functions improve dramatically, the expert or the physician concerned will advise on the continuation and exact dosage to maintain the levels of brain activity without the negative and depression like symptoms. With further studies and trials being planned, we will hear more about NSI 189, in the future as well.     

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