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Want a Better Brain? Give it Better Fuel

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For the next couple of weeks we’re going to focus on a topic that often gets overlooked in nootropics: Your body. Why your body? Isn’t this about nootropics, things that enhance your mind?

Absolutely, and that’s not going to change. But the nootropic stackers out there, especially newer ones, need to hear this: You can’t cheat nature.

Nootropics are great, they can give us more endurance, a sharper mind, quicker recall and an overall nicer mood. But their ability to do those things is reduced when you’re not at your physical best. If you stack is working for you now, just think how much more it’ll do when your head is attached to a well-maintained organism.

Why your head needs your body

So here’s a crazy fact: Your brain is just 2% of your body’s mass, but consumes over 20% of its energy. Greedy little bugger.

It gets that energy from your blood, chock-full of glucose and oxygen. Those two key ingredients have a lot to do with how we feel during the day. If your blood sugar drops, you tend to feel light-headed or tired. Likewise, if you lack oxygen, say at high altitudes, headaches and exhaustion are common.

Your brain whips up adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in order to spark the synapses in your brain to get things done. What most of us forget is that your brain needs energy just to keep the lights on. Autopilot isn’t cheap. And it gets priority. So if you don’t fuel the machine well, you’ll have enough energy to keep things moving, but good luck squeezing out some productivity.

Putting in the right fuel

Get the high-octane goods. Your diet matters. Avoid the processed sugars, the high-fructose corn syrup, and the starchy goodness of a plate full of carbs. All these create peaks and valleys in the bloodstream. Chug a sugary juice and the blood sugar levels go up, only to come crashing down. Your brain prefers stability.

Getting your sugar from fruit with natural fiber allows your body to smoothly process it and release it over time. No harm done, energy when you need it. A steady flow.

For the love of all that is holy, eat some dead animals.

Meat products contain 5 key nutrients that you can’t easily get anywhere else. Vitamin B12 comes from meat, and without it you’d be dead. A lack of it can actually make your brain smaller. Creatine helps to create the aforementioned ATP. Vitamin D3 can be found in fish and helps your brain and your body. Carnosine prevents high blood sugar from becoming a problem. And DHA, one of the Omega-3 acids, is critical for brain function.

Your diet is part of your stack

Stop thinking of nootropics as separate from anything else you put in your body. Everything that goes into your body matters. How can you pretend to enhance your brain when you’re chugging Mountain Dew and wolfing down potato chips?

Treat your food like you treat your stack. Got a tight morning? Make a fruit smoothie with yogurt and head out the door. More time on your hands? Cook up some eggs and sausage. Pick out a fruit or a high-density snack (granola or peanuts) to carry you through to lunch. Plan that too! Don’t just settle for fast food garbage.

Your brain will thank you, and then you can spoil it rotten with the best nootropics.

This is what we are about: Being smarter with our nootropics. Being smarter people.

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